Our Services

Our Services

Biomass Supply and Operation , Maintenance of Biomass Boiler Plants & Steam Energy Selling

There Are Mainly Two Ways How We Deal With These Types Of Contracts

1) 100% investment by Eco Care – which includes importing and purchasing of biomass boiler, local installation of the boiler plant, wood supply, Operation and maintenance of the boiler plant.
2) Client invests in boiler and Eco Care carry out the operation – Which includes wood supply, operation and maintenance of the boiler plant. In both of the scenarios, Eco Care is responsible in generating Steam from the biomass boiler plant and provide required steam at the required pressure levels by the customer’s manufacturing plant. We sell required steam in Kg’s to the customer and get paid back according to the agreed prices (Per Kg) when signing the contract.

Featured Services

Biomass Supply

At present we mainly supply wood logs, saw dust.

Operation and Maintenance of biomass boiler plants

Feeding of biomass on continuous basis utilizing unskilled workers,Keeping the biomass storage organized for easy biomass access for feeding, keeping the required pressure levels and other parameters at the boiler plant, as desired by the client’s production process.
Supervisory work by a qualified boiler operators on shift basis, Doing routine maintenance work – Weekly , Monthly & Annual, Doing repair work as needed by spare parts supplied by the client, Removal of Ash from the furnace, APH and MDC. Keeping the boiler plant clean and tidy for easy operation

Productivity improvement of Agriculture

In order to support the productivity improvement of agriculture, Eco Care is working towards in importing Bio-Fertilizers to Sri Lanka. These bio-fertilisers do not contain any harmful chemicals and when using this bio-fertiliser, farmers do not need to use pesticides and furthermore, this will increase the productivity of the crop as well. The Fertiliser Secretariat has approved the products based on ITI test reports subject to field trials at agriculture research institutes. We have approached Rubber Research institute and currently working with them to get recommendation on field trails.

Municipal Solid Waste Power Generation (MSW Power Generation)

Eco Care is giving contribution for a 5MW MSW power plant which is designed to build in Kandy area. The investment for this project and technology needed is from Korea.